Mar 14

Tips on How to Buy Original Men’s Designer Belts

Men’s designer belts are must-have fashion accessories for men who consider quality and look when it comes to dressing. The main goal of having a belt is to ensure that your trouser is properly secured in place. However, belts in the modern days are not just functional pieces. They are stylish accessories that are used in making fashion statement. When it comes to fashionable clothing, wearing the right belt is a litmus test. The belt that a man chooses conveys a lot about their style quotient. Our experts highlight important tips that should guide you when it buying a designer belt for you or for a special man in your life.


There are many designer belts for men in the current market. However, designer belts tend to be priced higher than ordinary belts. It is therefore important that you decide on the amount of money that you intend to spend on your belt. Know your limit when it comes to spending money on a belt that carries the name of a particular designer. Nevertheless, it is possible to get a great deal on a quality designer belt when you shop with us.

Choose a designer to purchase from

There are many designers of men’s belts and you can find their belts in the current market. You can buy your belts from most of these designers online. While buying your belts, make sure that the dealers that you buy from are authorized. Additionally, know the terms and conditions of the dealer that you buy your designer belts from. This will enable you to deal with arising issues with ease in the future.


Designer belts are becoming increasingly popular. Take time to verify the belt that you are buying from a dealer. This will ensure that the belt is from the designer that you want to buy from and not counterfeit. Remember that apart from being of superior quality, original designer belts are worth the price that you pay for them. If you desire to own a designer belt from a certain designer, take time to ensure that the belt that you purchase is indeed from that particular designer.

Know the best place to buy designer belts for men

Perhaps, you want to buy a designer belt for you or for a special man in your life. Perhaps, you are wondering about the best place where you can buy designer belts for men. You should buy your designer belts at a place that not only gives you the best deal on original designer belts, but also gives you the best experience. We know how important designer belts are to men. Our goal is to ensure that you get original designer belts at the best prices in the current market. to know more information on needlepoint belt watch our youtube. We have designer belts for sale from different designers. With our vast collection, you are bound to get your desired men’s designer belts at the most reasonable prices. If you are not decides on the option to choose, browse through our listings to find out more about belts from different designers.

Mar 14

Tips for Buying a Custom Belt

A custom belt is more than just another accessory that helps in keeping your pants in their place. It is a fashion statement item that complements your outfit just the way a nice-looking pair of shoes does. The process of buying a personalized belt can be influenced by several factors. These factors or considerations are what make a belt customized or personalized. Our experts explore the major factors that you should consider when buying a personalized belt.


A personalized belt should fit you properly because it is made just for you. Length of a belt is based on the size of the waist of the person who purchases it. This means that if the waist of your pants is 36 inches, your belt should be 40 inches long. This ensures that the belt fits you while leaving a space for securing the belt in the trouser loops.


A customized belt is made from taking the best materials available to make belts . For instance, the belt can be made using a synthetic material or leather. Also consider the material that is used to make the buckle. The manufacturing material of a belt is important because it determines the strength and durability of a belt.


While ordering a personalized belt, consider color as a major factor. The color of the belt that you buy should be determined by the outfits that you will be wearing while having the belt on. Most men prefer buying black and brown belts because these can be worn with outfits of different colors. Also consider the color of the buckle because this will also play an important role in determining how you look when you have the belt on.


The width of the belt that you order is also very important. The standard width of a belt is 1.25 inches. However, a belt for wearing with shorts and jeans can have a width of 1.5 inches. To know more visit our website therefore, know the outfit that you intend to wear the belt with to determine its ideal width. Make sure that the measurements of both the length and the width are accurate to get a belt that suits your specific needs.

Stitch color

The color of the stitch of a belt is usually very visible and it will affect your overall appearance. It is therefore important that you consider the color of the stitch of the personalized belt that you order. Take time to know how stitch color will affect the look of your belt and your overall appearance.

Where to order your belt

The place where you order your personalized belt is very important. It will influence the kind of a product that you get at the end. We know how important a belt is to you and why you want it to be customized according to your needs. Once you order your personalized belt with us, we pay close attention to your needs to ensure that you get a quality, fully customized product. Order your custom belt with us to get a quality product that will last for years without losing its aesthetic appeal.

Mar 09

The Best Needlepoint Belt Patterns: Custom Patterns for Needlepoint Belts

There are many needlepoint belt patterns that you should choose from when it comes to buying a mens needlepoint belts. A needlepoint belt is one of the most fashionable accessories that any man can have. It is made using needlepoint stitches on the canvas. This belt is finished using leather and a quality buckle on its end. Many men look great when they wear needlepoint belts at their workplaces, cocktail parties, golf courses and other places. Wearing this belt will set you apart from other men who wear run-on-the-mill belts. You can make a statement about your hobbies, college or interests by wearing a needlepoint belt that has a unique pattern.

Different patterns

There are different patterns or themes of needlepoint belts that you should choose from. This makes it possible for you to use your preferred pattern to make a statement with your belt. Among the most common patterns of needlepoint belts that you need to choose from include collegiate sports, plaid, fish, flags, nautical, hobbies, hunting, birds and animals, mermaids and beer among others. It is also possible to have a needlepoint belt whose pattern shows the love that you feel for your partner with a symbol of love. Such a belt is ideal for a woman to buy as a gift for a special man in her life such as a husband or a boyfriend.

Custom patterns for needlepoint belts

We know the importance of having fully customized needlepoint belts and why you need unique patterns for needlepoint belts. Designing a needlepoint belt requires more than a canvas and a few other materials. You must be creative to come up with unique patterns of needlepoint belts. Our experts are always working hard to come up with unique patterns of needlepoint belts. If you need a custom needlepoint belts pattern or design of a needlepoint belt, we will come up with it for you. You just need to share your ideas with us and we will help you.

Patterns from different artists

We have a vast collection of patterns for needlepoint belts from different artists. This enables us to offer you different styles, topics and stitching abilities any time you buy needlepoint belts from us. You can always view our wide range of patterns for needlepoint belts to determine the pattern that impresses you before you buy your needlepoint belt from us. Our work is to ensure that you get the most attractive needlepoint belt with a pattern that enables you to make a fashion statement.

Best deal on personalized needlepoint belts

You want to look great by having a needlepoint belt with a unique pattern but you are not ready to spend a fortune on the belt. Since we know this, we offer you superior quality needlepoint belts with unique patterns at the most reasonable prices. Simply share your pattern ideas with us or view some of the patterns that we have. We assure you not just amazing needlepoint belt patterns, but also the best deal on the needlepoint belts that you buy from us.

Mar 09

Make a Fashion Statement with Exclusive Needlepoint Belts Custom Designs

You cannot deny that needlepoint belts custom designs are elegant and stylish in nature. These belts might be traditional but they are fun. We know that you want to look unique everywhere you go. Our vast collection of customized needlepoint belts will enable you to get the best needlepoint design for you. All our belts are handmade by our experienced craftsmen. They are of premium quality and highly detailed. Each customized belt includes a monogram that makes it look more special.

Simply say what you want and get it

Our goal is to give you the exact belt that you are looking for. We ensure that the belt that you purchase from us is 100 percent custom designed just for you. While ordering your belt with us, simply let us know what is in your mind. Share information regarding the size of the belt that you want, monogram, background color and images. For instance, you can send us a message that describes the kind of belt that you want including an image.

Get a preview

Once you send us the message, we send you a preview of your customized belt so that you can view and let us adjust if necessary. This ensures that the belts that you get from us are right for you. Our experts are experienced craftsmen who take the least time possible to come up with custom designs of the belts that suit the unique needs of our customers. Count on us to do everything possible to beat the deadline that you specify in your order.

Get the right sized needlepoint belts

We design needlepoint belts to the specific size of our customers. This is why we request customers to share the details of the belts that they want before we start stitching them. If the belt that you receive is not of your right size, it might not help you. Therefore, read a sizing guide before you order your belts so that you can get belts that fit you. You can use your current belt or pants to measure the right size of the belts to order. If you do not have a belt, order belts that are 2 to 3 inches larger than the size of your pants.

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

Our needlepoint belts are made using finest quality material. They are also made by highly experienced craftsmen. We aim at ensuring your ultimate satisfaction in every aspect. All you have to do is to give us comprehensive descriptions of the belts that you want then review the preview that we share with you. Make sure that the measurements of the belts that you send us are accurate. We assure you that we will design, stitch and finish your belts within the deadline that you set for us. All our designs are wonderful and they cinch the waists of our customers in style. We have exclusive patterns from which you can choose what to order. Choose our needlepoint belts custom designs to make a fashion statement everywhere you go.